HackEd By : OxFORd

I am OxFoRD , I am a moroccan hacker

Message to u israel :


We Are Watching The Crimes That You Doing To Palestine,
 We Hear The Voice Of
Gaza. We Are Waiting,
We See What You Play, We know Your Planes, Now This Is The Time That We Will Attacking You, Nothing You Can Do,
We Were Never Afraid Of You, And We Never Gona  down.
Islam Is On The Top, We Will Not forget our rights, you always win with injustice
and without equality.
Now we are controlling you here, but there it's soon, in the future
you will move under our control, the
muslims rules,
right now we are completely delete your country from the network world, it's stays just from the real world.

./ Done

#0xf0rd        #op_israel       #op_il      #opisrael    #07/04/2015